A code playground for midi music

Midibin is the easiest way to turn code into music. Try editing the example below or check out what others have made:

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[:piano {:tempo 130} 1/8 :c :c 1/2 :a 1/8 :f :g :f 1/2 :d 1/8 :d :d 1/2 :a# 1/8 :g :a :g 1/2 :e 1/8 :e :e 1/2 :+c 1/8 :a :a# :+c 1/2 :+d 1/8 :f :g 1/4 :a 3/8 :f 1/8 :e :f :g :d]
Midibin uses edna to make music. If you're new to it, see the examples to learn the basics. You can also ask for help on /r/midibin.

Choose an instrument from the menu to hear how it sounds:

[:piano {:octave 3} 1/16 :b :+c 1/8 :+d :b :+c :a :b :g :a]

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